3 Ways To Support And Nurture Your Gifted Child

Do you have a child who is unusually gifted in a certain area? Perhaps they're academically talented, or maybe they're a musical or art prodigy? Every parent hopes for their child to have a special talent, but having a gifted child often brings its own set of challenges. You may not know how to best support your child or how to nurture their talent in a positive and constructive way. Even if you weren't gifted as a child, you can still work with your child to help them make the most of their talents. Here are a few tips on you can support them:

Focus on improvement versus competition. Far too often, gifted children can be thrust into an environment of competition with other kids who share similar talents. For example. a child with exceptional math and science abilities may feel pressure to keep up with the other bright kids in his or her schools. A musician may be pushed to perform in recitals and other concerts with kids who may be more skilled and experienced.

It's always good to push one's self, but make sure you approach it from the perspective of personal improvement rather than competition. Don't talk about how your child performs compared to other children. Rather, talk with your child about how they can use a challenge to improve their skills. The last thing you want is for your child to develop resentment for their own talent. Too much pressure could make them do just that.

Let them be a kid. When your child is exceptionally talented, it can be tempting to immerse them totally into that activity. You could spend all your free time shuttling them to lessons, performances, camps, and more. While it's good for them to gain experience, they also need time away from their chosen activity. Give them plenty of free time to play with neighborhood kids, watch movies, and do other fun activities. 

Again, you want them to enjoy their talents, not resent them. To do that, they likely need a breather every now and then.

Get help outside the home. If your child is a gifted musician and you're not one, there's likely only so much you can do to help them get better. The same is true of academic and athletic talents. At some point, you will need to get them in training programs that cater to their needs.

Take a look at private schools in your area that have strong programs in your child's area of interest. Many private schools have a focus area, such as math and science or performance. Others may have a strong sports program that caters to your child's needs. Private school may cost money, but you can rest assured that your child is getting the teaching and coaching they need to take their talent to the next level.

For more information, contact a private school like Carden Academy. They can help you decide if a private program is right for your child.