4 Tips To Get Your Daughter Ready For A Catholic High School

Catholic schools provide a comprehensive education to students. The curriculum in Catholic schools is based in science, current educational methods, and the Bible. Many Catholic schools provide single-sex environments where young people can learn without the distraction of the opposite sex. Here are four things you can encourage your daughter to do when she's planning to attend an all-girls Catholic high school.

1. Get familiar with the student handbook.

Catholic high schools are private schools that have their own rules and regulations. Even if your daughter is familiar with the rules of their old school, there will probably be new guidelines to observe. You want your child to start off the new school year on the right foot, without getting into trouble. Set her up for success by encouraging her to read the student handbook. The student handbook will outline rules and expectations for students. When your daughter knows all the rules, she can avoid breaking them and avoid disciplinary action.

2. Find out the dress code.

Many Catholic schools enforce a dress code in order to minimize distractions. When children are all outfitted in the same clothes, they don't have to worry about following the latest trends. Uniforms put all students on equal footing, regardless of their economic status. Before your daughter's first day of school, you'll need to purchase her uniforms. Some schools sell uniforms directly, while others allow students to purchase them from outside vendors. Your daughter's school may have additional instructions for school uniforms regarding fit and skirt length. Ask her to familiarize herself with them to avoid wardrobe mishaps.

3. Learn about the religious requirements.

All-girls Catholic schools provide excellent educations in secular subjects such as math, English, history, and more. They also provide education in religious subjects. Your daughter will be exposed to Catholic history, and she'll have the opportunity to learn all about the rich tradition of the Catholic church. Catholic high schools welcome students of all faiths, although they will have to participate in mandatory religious events and classes. Encourage your daughter to find out if she's required to attend chapel services so she can adjust her expectations accordingly.

4. Get to know other girls.

All-girls Catholic schools are wonderful places to foster friendships between girls. Your daughter can get to know and appreciate everything her peers have to offer. Encourage your daughter to make friends at her new school. By spending time with other students, she can develop people skills that will serve her well in life.